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New rehydration research study requires participants

20th Jun 2016 // A new study starting shortly at the ISEH is looking for participants as they investigate whether the sense of thirst can guide rehydration as effectively as standard fluid maintenance. Entitled Could thirst-triggered self-administration of intravenous fluid lead to more rapid rehydration than clinician-directed infusion? the study is starting in July and will continue until the end of August. Full article>

Cheers Dream team speak to the RCOA about getting patients Dreaming

11th May 2016 // Cheers Dream features in the latest Royal College of Anaesthetists bulletin for trainees. Team members, Kirstie, Sanj and Su explain the reason behind the campaign and what we are hoping to achieve. Full article>

Visit the DREAM team at EBPOM 2015

29th Jun 2015 // The CHEERS DREAM team will be at EBPOM 2015 this year to not only spread the CHEERS DREAM message but to encourage all the participants to pledge to take part in our audit. Full article>

CHEERS DREAM features in Surgical Products magazine

6th May 2015 // The CHEERS DREAM has been featured in Surgical Products Magazine, an online platform for insights on the latest surgical procedures, surgical product technology, infection control techniques, material trends, and much more. Full article>

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