Cheers Dream team speak to the RCOA about getting patients Dreaming

11th May 2016

Cheers Dream features in the latest Royal College of Anaesthetists bulletin for trainees. Team members, Kirstie, Sanj and Su explain the reason behind the campaign and what we are hoping to achieve.

It's currently known that misadventure with intravenous fluid pre- and postoperatively can have serious implications for a patient. The 2011 NCEPOD reports showed 30 day mortality in patients considered to have been inadequate preoperative fluid management was 20.5%, compared to the low 4.7% in those who had been given adequate pre-operative fluid therapy.

Cheers Dream wants to stop this happening!

This can happen by breaking down medical jargon and putting in place explicit goals for a patient to work towards during their hospital stay, as well as getting clinicians back to basics of an Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP). This can be done by ensuring there is consensus and dissemination of evidence based best practice to help clinicians help their patients to Dream.

To read the bulletin in full, please visit the RCOA website

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