New rehydration research study requires participants

20th Jun 2016

A new study starting shortly at the ISEH is looking for participants as they investigate whether the sense of thirst can guide rehydration as effectively as standard fluid maintenance. Entitled Could thirst-triggered self-administration of intravenous fluid lead to more rapid rehydration than clinician-directed infusion? the study is starting in July and will continue until the end of August.

Members of the UCL staff have developed a novel fluid administration device that aims to give ITU patients more control of their oral and intravenous medication, by self-administering fluid (within limits). This could help combat dehydration and the sensation of thirst, often found in this particular patient cohort.

Further study information
If you agree to participate you will be required to attend 2 sessions. On both occasions you will be required to take 40mg Furosemide (a water tablet) orally the evening before and then have blood samples taken as well as other non-invasive measurements for a duration of 4 hours. On one occasion you will receive intravenous fluid as per your sense of thirst, on another you will receive routine intravenous fluid maintenance

The total time you will be required for is 8 hours. During the time you are being studied you can sit and complete your own work on a laptop, speak on the phone, read or engage in light exercise, or we will provide a computer with internet access. All information collected about you during the course of the research will be kept strictly confidential and will only be reported statistically; no individual would ever be identified in any publication.

Participant criteria

  • Healthy volunteers, taking no regular prescription medication
  • Age 18 to 65
  • Male
  • Weighing 55 - 100kg

Time commitment

  • Participants will attend two lab sessions, each lasting 4 hours.

  • Sessions will be separated by 7 - 14 days

We will reimburse you for costs incurred travelling to and from the laboratory at the ISEH.

For further information about the study and to register an interest, please contact the Investigator Fintan Hughes

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