The Audit

What is the audit?

We are organizing an international “snap” style audit looking at perioperative fluid management, including surrogate outcome metrics of drinking, eating and mobilising after surgery. Participation will be via a web-based tool, with a local “champion” in each hospital collecting data for patients undergoing major surgery over a 24-hour period. We plan to run the audit towards the end of 2015, and give participating centres access to their own results as well as that of the whole group, allowing benchmarking of performance.

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  • Carbohydrate loaded (not hungry)
  • Hydrated (not thirsty)
  • Euvolaemic (the right amount of fluid)
  • Eunatraemic (the right amount of salt)
  • Ready to
  • Start to


  • DRink
  • EAt and
  • Mobilise ….

As soon as possible, achieving this on the same day of surgery in many instances, or the following day.