About Cheers Dream

The story behind CHEERS DREAM

Patients are still being harmed as a result of sub-optimal perioperative fluid management. This is unacceptable in any health care system. We believe that too much time and energy has gone into debating the choice of technologies and far too little on reducing variation and delivering consistent high-quality care. This has to stop.

The CHEERS-DREAM Campaign wants everyone to concentrate energy and efforts on achieving a simple set of objectives that everyone can sign up to and deliver, starting today. No more excuses - let’s just do it!


  • Carbohydrate loaded (not hungry)
  • Hydrated (not thirsty)
  • Euvolaemic (the right amount of fluid)
  • Eunatraemic (the right amount of salt)
  • Ready to
  • Start to


  • DRink
  • EAt and
  • Mobilise ….

As soon as possible, achieving this on the same day of surgery in many instances, or the following day.